The Prestons Logistics Estate, located on the eastern side of Bernera Road would ultimately accommodate 5 new industrial warehouses totalling a footprint of approx. 32,000 square metres, but Stage 1 only consisted of providing power requirements for Warehouse 2 & Warehouse 5.

Edgewater Connections were initially engaged by LOGOS Property Group to deliver the ASP Level 3 design for all Endeavour Energy Infrastructure servicing the site.  Edgewater Connections’s design of the electrical infrastructure called for numerous padmount substations to be strategically placed throughout the precinct along with a new High Voltage feeder out of Endeavour Energy’s West Liverpool Zone Substation. Edgewater Connections also completed the Street Lighting design for the new intersection at the corner of Yarrunga Rd & Bernera Rd.

During the Level 3 ASP Design phase, Edgewater Connections’s scope was further increased at the request of their client to tender, assess and provide recommendations of a suitable Level 1 ASP to complete the installation of the new electrical infrastructure.

Edgewater Connections were subsequently also requested to provide client side project management of the ASP Level 1 electrical infrastructure construction works. This meant that Edgewater Connections had the ability to identify potential problems that often arise with complex projects resulting in the team going above and beyond the initial client brief to deliver the most effective solution to their client.

Edgewater Connections’s solutions for this project included:

Endeavour Energy Level 3 ASP Distribution Design:

  • New 11kV Feeder from West Liverpool Zone Substation (2.0km)
  • Multiple Padmount Substations (2 x 1500kVA & 1 x 1000kVA)
  • Low Voltage Reticulation
  • Installation of new 11kV Overhead Assets including numerous poles and a Load Break Switch
  • Extensive Duct Configurations
  • Earthing Calculations and Design
  • Yarrunga Road Lighting Design (Liverpool Council Requirements)

Client Side Project Management:

  • Design and negotiation with network authorities, developer, builder and services consultant
  • Development of Tender Documentation
  • Review of ASP quotes and provide a tender evaluation
  • Review of appointed Level 1 ASP’s Safety and Environmental Documentation to ensure compliance to statutory and legal requirement
  • Review and monitor appointed ASP’s works program
  • Review monthly payment claims and variations
  • Ensure works are completed as stated in the Quote and Contract as well as to Endeavour Energy Standards


As a result of successfully completing this project, Edgewater Connections have been engaged by Logos Property Group to provide ASP Level 3 design and Client Side Project Management for the remainder of the estate



Yarrunga Rd, Prestons


LOGOS Property Group


Endeavour Energy


18 Months


Level 3 Design Services and Client Side Project Management of Level 1 ASP Works