Our commitment to delivering the best solution gives our clients the confidence to engage Edgewater Connections services time and time again.

In 2010, Edgewater Connections were commissioned to provide an ASP Level 3 Design solution for the new Macquarie University Library.

Securing supply for this site presented one of the greatest difficulties with Ausgrid approval, as existing Ausgrid assets are laid within a private services tunnel.

Supplying the new library required connection to two Ausgrid feeders: the Ausgrid Epping Zone Substation feeder located within the private services tunnel, and a new feeder from the Macquarie Park Zone Substation.

Despite Ausgrid standards not permitting such an arrangement, Edgewater Connections were able to obtain dispensation from Ausgrid to maintain the existing nonstandard installation, and all of the new feeder and new connections to be installed within the services tunnel.

Our strong reputation for delivering quality service and practical, on-time solutions are just a few reasons why Edgewater Connections have been working with Macquarie University and its various project partners, contractors and consultants since 2007.

Edgewater Connections ASP Level 3 and Electrical Building Services design solutions have included:

  • Chamber substation designs for the Macquarie University Hospital, Cochlear and Science Precinct
  • Kiosk substation designs for the Macquarie University Clinic and Library
  • Feeder design from the Macquarie Zone substation to Macquarie University
  • Electrical Services Design for Site infrastructure establishment, asset relocations and private street lighting design for new development works bounded by Macquarie Drive and University Avenue
  • Asset relocation and infrastructure design for new road and landscaping works for Macquarie University gateway and riparian zone
  • Ausgrid asset audit and master planning

Edgewater Connections skills in project and construction management, infrastructure design, Supply Authority negotiation and electrical design have contributed to the institution’s progress towards becoming a world-class educational facility.




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New chamber and kiosk substations, asset relocation and private street lighting, CCTV and private power distribution and planning