Edgewater Connections Consulting were engaged to provide ASP Level 3 Design services for the One Central Park Frasers Sekisui Joint Venture in Broadway Chippendale.

This world-class architectural development converted the old heritage listed Fosters Brewery into an incredible urban village that included multi-storey retail, commercial and residential developments with sprawling landscaped gardens and open park areas.

Edgewater Connections managed the infrastructure design to facilitate the site demolition and construction establishment works through to completion of the staged development.

Services for this project included:

  • Design of multiple Ausgrid Chamber Substations including basement, surface and elevated configurations
  • Design of new feeders from the Surry Hills Zone Substation
  • Asset relocation and metered services reconfiguration at the site boundaries
  • Asset relocation to remove redundant services from the proposed building footprints
  • Asset relocation to lower existing Ausgrid services to suit new road levels
  • Coordination of new Ausgrid conduits with services infrastructure to suit the new roadways
  • Asset relocation to allow for relocation of existing Multifunction poles
  • Multiple temporary Ausgrid Kiosk Substations

Edgewater Connections have a proven track record for understanding the challenges, foreseeing potential issues and persevering to find a solution. There were a number of occasions that called for the Edgewater Connections team’s exemplary problem-solving and communication skills to be applied during the course of this large-scale project.

Delivering innovative solutions for state-of-the-art design

The foyer for Building 2 was constructed to include a two level split arrangement with half of the upper level supporting the elevated chamber substation. The connecting wall with the Ausgrid chamber substation featured a wave design and the space available for the substation was restricted by the architectural features within the adjacent space.

Edgewater Connections handled the architectural challenges and produced compliant design through coordination with Ausgrid, the architect, structural engineer and electrical services consultant. This included non-standard positioning of the dry type transformers and transformer maneuverability through a modified external façade and landing arrangement negotiated with Ausgrid.

In addition, Edgewater Connections extended and customised all required pits and chases, and introduced turning pits and a conduit egress through access stairs.

Finding a better way of doing things

Establishment works to bring the new 11kV feeders across the railway bridge at Regent Street were stalled when it was found that one of the only two remaining spare conduits of the bank of 16 conduits was occupied by an existing Ausgrid High Voltage cable. Edgewater Connections directed Ausgrid to investigate the possibility of removing one of the cables which was potentially redundant. Ausgrid undertook inspection to determine the use of the cable and permitted removal to allow for the new feeder cable to be brought across the railway bridge.

Going the extra mile to get the job done

City of Sydney Council required a solution to deliver the new roads after completion that would prevent unseemly excavation of the footpath and road reserves when future cabling may be required after the development was completed.

Edgewater Connections delivered appropriate infrastructure to enable the establishment of supply, including a landscaping solution by nominating future cable turning and jointing locations. Edgewater Connections provided design to remove all spoil within these designated areas, to be replaced with approved Ausgrid backfilling material.

The team also nominated the locations on site that would enable any approved contractor or Ausgrid to remove paving and neatly work within the designated area.



Broadway Chippendale


Frasers Property, Sekisui House Joint Venture




New Basement, Elevated and Surface Chamber substations and new 11kV feeders from Surry Hills Zone Substation, new kiosk substations for temporary supplies and asset relocation through the brown field site to remove redundant assets from the proposed building footprint.