Edgewater Connections delivered a complete electricity supply and street and public domain lighting solution for the West Ryde mixed use development bounded by Anthony Road, Betts Street, Chatham Road and Reserve Road West Ryde under the direction of Coles Property. The first stage of the development comprised the construction of a multilevel carpark and retail stratum with future residential tower above and a separate community centre opposite and public domain adjacent, linking the existing shopping facility to the new development.

Edgewater Connections engagement commenced at construction management appointment and included assessment of existing Ausgrid assets and relocation requirements, application and negotiation with Ausgrid for the ASP Level 3 approval and negotiation process for appropriate siting of the new kiosk substations within the development boundaries and design to Ausgrid certification for each distinct contestable project.

Edgewater Connections concurrently provided design for the establishment of new street and public domain lighting to City of Ryde Council approval including establishment of new Multifunction Pole lighting for the street and pedestrian crossings and new post top luminaires within the public domain to provide Australian Standard compliance demonstrated by illumination calculations. The street lighting design included full private electricity supply reticulation including new council distribution board and metering location within the footpath of Betts Street and full conduit and cable reticulation coordinated with the new Ausgrid conduit installation at the boundaries of the development.

The second stage commenced one year after the completion of the first and comprised the construction of an additional 5 levels of residential development. Edgewater Connections provided ASP Level 3 services to secure approval for the provision of a kiosk substation in the location nominated within the first stage and assisted the developer TOGA by negotiating temporary builders supplies to suit the new development.

Edgewater Connections professionally coordination design services with project teams through both stages, handling all aspects of site coordination and negotiation with Ausgrid to deliver a solution that easily met the expectations of the all stake holders, meeting budget and development staging constraints.  The greatest issue presented was management of the provision for the residential substation to be constructed in the second stage. The substation needed to be sited within the correct property stratum in a location that would be approved at a later date by the Ausgrid. This solution included Edgewater Connections coordinating appropriate clearances, easement, vehicular protection requirements and sufficient Ausgrid infrastructure to ensure Ausgrid approval.



West Ryde


Coles Property, City of Ryde Council


Ausgrid and Private


Level 3 ASP Ausgrid Kiosk substations, asset relocation and private multifunction street and public domain lighting