Edgewater Connections commissioned for new urban centre, Western Sydney

Edgewater Connections have recently been engaged to provide an integrated electrical and communications engineering solution for a 20-hectare high-density residential development in Western Sydney. The greenfield site will be transformed into a new urban centre that will consist of approximately 3,000 residential apartments.

Edgewater Connections will provide electrical and communications masterplanning and detailed electrical network design that will incorporate NBN, electrical reticulation including power and street lighting.

Being a large development, the site will require the installation of 15MVA of capacity. Four new 11kV Feeders will connect to an existing Zone Substation in order to supply the 3,000 dwellings. The 11kV will provide capacity to each of the lots which will allow connection points for the connection of load required in the second phase of the development.

Edgewater Connections will also be completing road lighting for ten new estate roads which will be incorporated into the electrical design.

By combining the NBN design with the electrical design within the estate, Edgewater Connections will be able to provide a holistic approach in transforming this site into a modern urban centre with the latest communications infrastructure and electricity ready to connect.

The project is scheduled to be completed by March, 2016.

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